Edit 16/09/2016: This article is pretty much void now; Bitvid got canned, and Gamewisp has become a subscription program that serves as an alternative to Twitch.tv partnership.

I like making videos. I’ve made a fair few, pretty much all Let’s Plays of videogames. I’ve been doing it as a hobby, but am starting to take it a bit more seriously with each passing day.

YouTube has been making more and more weird decisions in relation to how it handles copyright issues, which has been causing a lot of displeasure in the community. This has led to a few groups working on their own competitor services, mostly based around gaming.

5dba448910c1faa3026553e24a6d77a2Bitvid is one in progress, but seems like it is a bit of a way off from being released. Gamewisp however, had it’s release just under a week ago. It’s still a work in progress as they add new features and tweak it. The service is to be tailor-made for videos of games, with tools to make content discovery easier, better analytics, and better different forms of monetization.
On YouTube, a creator gets money if they display advertisements on their videos. This is a volatile system where YouTube and Google get the majority of money, and you get paid by them. Gamewisp offers monetization through paid subscriptions. Basically, if you decided you liked a particular series of my videos, you can subscribe to it. When you subscribe, you can opt to sponsor the creator for a few dollars. That money is split 70/30 between the creator and Gamewisp, and gives the sponsor a variety of benefits, including timed exclusives and premium content.

There’s a lot that can be taken advantage of, given a specialized platform. Analytics that can be more relevant to the platform.  As quoted from /u/hootener/u/hootener on Reddit,

[Say] you publish a lot of survival horror content to your channel. As a data platform, GameWisp can provide the information to you that most users who watch a lot of survival horror also watch a lot of RPG content.

So it sounds like data will be easier to interpret in a way that helps the creator.

Right now there’s still more that needs to be added for the platform to really shine. Once the discovery tools are finished, viewing and finding videos will hopefully be a more pleasant experience.
As it stands though, there’s so much potential in the Gamewisp platform and I’m just proud to be able to say I’m a part of it.

By the way my channel is located here and it’d be neat if you took a look.

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