So I am a little late to the party, but today I got to feast my eyes on Ana, the soon to be newest addition to the Overwatch roster.


Ana is really cool; she takes her place as our 5th support character, but she has defensive capabilities too as a sniper character.
Her rifle will heal any ally shot with it, and a grenade that will do the same while also simultaneously damaging enemies and preventing any healing for a short time. When needed, Ana can also deploy a sleeping dart that makes an enemy “unconscious” until they take damage (or I assume after a time to wake up). As for her ultimate, she can give everyone around her a boost to speed, damage and resistance to damage.

I can honestly say I like this from a gameplay perspective, because it’s both different and yet sort of the same. The character can serve as a Widowmaker with what I assume is reduced damage, and the ability to heal people who are a bit closer to the actual fight. Her ultimate sounds good for pushing without being totally overpowering, assuming the damage resistance she grants isn’t too severe.
I haven’t seen much about her, and have a few questions about how she works, like if headshots will damage/heal for more and the aforementioned damage resistance numbers, but she looks like she will be a lot of fun later down the line.

To finish off, I want to say I just realized I should be looking at learning Symmetra or Zenyatta, since I’m no where near competent with either.

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