The other day Capcom announced Street Fighter V to the masses, and that it would be exclusive to the Playstation 4, and PC. There would be no Xbox One version, apparently ever.

This has caused confusion and speculation galore, with people suggesting it’s because of money, it’s because Microsoft refuse to allow the game to be crossplay, it’s because the Xbox One didn’t sell well in Japan. There’s a lot of suggestions, but we won’t know for sure.

I couldn’t care less about that, as I don’t own either console. I do however own one contender, who seems to be completely ignored.

Interest-in-the-Wii-U-Surges-After-Nintendo-s-E3-Presentation-Report-451910-2Forget about someone?

Where’s my Wii U version of Street Fighter? Where’s my Street Fighter vs Smash Bros. crossover? Nintendo, Capcom, you’re really dropping the ball here.

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