I was excited for the betas of DOOM’s multiplayer. The idea that we could get a big budget arena shooter based on an IP that has been beloved for decades seemed too good to be true.

What we have is still a solid multiplayer game. It has a cool visual style from the maps we’ve been allowed to see. The gameplay could be fun at times. It’s fun getting the demon power-up and being nigh-unstoppable, though on the other end of the spectrum, it sucks when someone else is the demon and you don’t get to do much of any use for the following few minutes.


Look at that! Doesn’t it look fucking rad?

Of course, the arena shooter we were promised and I had hoped for –some blend of classic Doom and Quake III gameplay– isn’t going to happen. Instead, we have something that tries to appeal to a larger market. It makes sense on paper, I guess. Progression systems, item rewards and the like all keep people hooked and playing the game. We can assume the gameplay is slower than it could be because the game is coming out on consoles too, and as much as I love my Xbox, I know that controllers just can’t do what a mouse can do when it comes to aiming.

So where does this leave me? I’m looking to the new Unreal Tournament. It’s still in development, and I jump in and out of playing the Development Alpha to see how progress is going. It’s pretty fantastic despite being in such early development.

Pretty. Clean. Unreal.

See, the one thing that the DOOM multiplayer has shown me and many others, is that what we’re all craving is an actual arena shooter, on par with games like Quake III and the old school Unreal Tournament. Given we haven’t heard anything recently about the Quake series, and Quake Live was “modernized” with the the very features arena shooters do not need (Like loadouts), we turn to UT.
The newest in the Unreal Tournament series is being developed very closely with the community, so we have constant input at all stages, in all ways. Whether that be as involved as map making or creating new items for the game, or just offering feedback on how jumping feels, it’s good to know that everyone can get involved in helping Epic Games shape what feels like the next big arena shooter.

I could probably talk a whole lot about Unreal Tournament, but I want to simply point you to the website to check it out yourself, should you be reading this.

To finish this on our original topic; I love DOOM, and this multiplayer is okay. It’s not what I wanted necessarily, but it was entertaining for the few matches I played. With all the talk of purchasable multiplayer map packs I don’t think I’ll get invested in it though, as such splitting of the community has proven to never be effective. I am however, hoping for a solid single player campaign, and I’d like to see how good the SnapMap creation tools actually are.

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