It’s been a hot topic on the Internet and among gaming communities. I wanted to put my thoughts on it right here, then move on to better things. I might make a hot coffee or something.

The main concern put forward in the petition is that it encourages players to commit violence against women for fun and rewards. People at the forefront of the group who started the petition have said that the game will groom yet another generation of children to tolerate violence against women.
This of course, ignores the fact that GTA V is in fact an R18+ game, and cannot be sold to minors. So those kids who are exposed to the game are only exposed to it because the parents gave it to them.

With that in mind and the other misconceptions put forward in the petition, I find the whole issue to be completely backwards and something I would have expected to happen during the release of GTA III back in 2001. That is well over a decade ago, when we were all a little naïve and Jack Thompson ran rampart protesting about video game violence. We all know what happened there.


In the end, as much as I disagree with it, I also realize I should not care. I do not currently shop at Target for games, and given this I probably won’t in the future either.
My only desire is that people remember that violent video games do not make people violent.

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