Solution: Steam won’t download my game!

So let’s say you’ve decide you want to try one of the free games on Steam, or just download a game you already own. However, when you hit Play Game on Steam, nothing seems to happen. For some reason the download window won’t appear. You’re stuck.

You can actually force Steam to download any of these games really easily. All you need is Steam (of course) and Microsoft Edge (Or another compatible browser, unfortunately Chrome does not work for this).

Step One: Let’s say Dota 2 won’t download

I’ve gone to the store page for Dota 2, and it won’t download. It’s annoying, but easy fixed. First, look at the address bar of Dota 2’s store page. If you don’t have an address bar, you can enable it in Steam’s Settings->Interface then click on “Display Steam URL address bar when available”.


You will see a series of numbers at the end of the address. That is the game’s AppID. You will need this.

Step Two: Let’s make Dota 2 download.

All you need for this final step is to open up a browser, and type the following into the address bar, where the XXX is replaced with the AppID of whatever game you’re after:


So for Dota 2, the address would look like:


When you type the address in, and confirm it, the browser will ask if you want to switch programs. Confirm, and it will take you to Steam with a Download/Installation window for your game! If it does not work, be sure to try another browser. Microsoft Edge will work, but Google Chrome seems to have difficulty.


As a fun little side thing, if you use the AppID of 92, you’ll get a neat little Half-Life 2 shooter called “Codename: Gordon” for free.

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