So after the E3 teaser, I was so ready for a new Quake game. We’ve just come off two consecutively successful reboots of id software games, with Wolfenstein: The New Order and DOOM both being very successful, and hitting the third would be perfect.


Afterwards however, interviews and extra information surfaced that made it seem as if Quake was moving away from it’s roots and instead trying to chase after Overwatch. Overwatch is a great game yes, and a new hero-shooter wouldn’t be the worst thing, but it wouldn’t be Quake. Quake is about speed and is an arena shooter in the purest sense. Right? I’m here to suggest a Hero-Shooter would actually be fine, all things considered.
There are 5 titles in the Quake franchise to date, and each one has been significantly different in some way. Quake and Quake II were both single player focused, and while the latter is a sequel, it is in no way related to the original. While Quake has the player travel through portals in a world full of Lovecraftian references to defeat an enemy only known by it’s codename of “Quake”, the sequel has us attempting to stop an alien invasion by a species known as the Strogg. Despite the complete 180 in story, both games were commercial hits and are still beloved to this day.

Not looking too good there, buddy.

Quake III changed everything though, ditching a single player story completely, and being a dedicated multiplayer arena shooter. The game became a sport, and is still played and enjoyed today in both it’s original form, and as Quake Live.
Quake 4 is the last in the numbered series of games thus far, and is the first direct sequel to any, following on after the events of Quake II. This game set itself apart by being much more heavily story-driven. While the first two games had story “if you read the manual”, they were fairly simple “Run, shoot, run while shooting” style games where the plot didn’t matter. In Quake 4, story takes a much stronger grip, with the game being built in the Doom 3 engine, and having NPCs and friendly soldiers and medics who talk to you and can even in some instances join you and give you their medical services.
Finally, while Enemy Territory: Quake Wars wasn’t a hit, and had been shut down before I ever got around to playing it, it still is in the franchise and offers yet another wild change of gameplay.
From what I understand of it, it was a class based team multiplayer game played on large maps, where one team has to complete certain objectives while the other team attempts to stop them. These features set it apart completely from the multiplayer from all it’s predecessors.

It does now appear that they are returning to their roots, though.

With all that in mind, if Quake Champions merely returned to the franchises previous arena shooter ways, in a way it could be doing itself a disservice. Quake is a series that doesn’t do the same thing twice, and that can be a good thing.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if it stuck to what we knew, and was just a revamped Quake 3. I’m still excited either way. Just saying the opposite isn’t so bad, when you think about it.

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