Niantic has announced the development of the Pokemon Go app for Apple Watch, which will alert you of nearby Pokemon and count steps towards hatching eggs among other game-related things.


This is cool and I hope there’s a release for Android Wear users too. I don’t own one, but I like the game and want to see it succeed, and these apps make it more accessible.
However, it begs the question whether Apple caused the initial delay of the Pokemon Go Plus. The wearable was slated for initial release at the end of July, but was delayed until “September 2016”.
Niantic are also cited as saying that the creation of the Pokemon Go Plus was instead of a smartwatch app, to reach more customers who can’t otherwise afford a smartwatch. To see them go backwards on this isn’t a bad thing as we are adding features and improving accessibility, but I’m worried this could lead to the cancellation of the specialized wristband.

I hope this is just unfounded paranoia, but the timeline for these things worries me. Tell me I’m wrong to be worried.

Edit 13/09/16: I am glad to see my concerns were unfounded, with the Pokemon Go Plus release date confirmed, and more retailers offering pre-orders.

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