I’ve been sitting here for the past few hours waiting for this to go live. I’m typing this before even playing it, I am kind of excited.


In less than an hour, I’ll be downloading the free to play beta of Evolve. I remember when Evolve was first coming out, I was hyped for it. As time went on, it became obvious the game would be very DLC dependent, and I didn’t feel comfortable pre-ordering it. After release, it turned out that was a smart thing to do. The game was blasted for it’s micro-transactions and DLC and has dived from a 9,000 player count at release to just over 100 average at present, and seemed to be on the cusp of being forgotten.
I am really excited to finally get to play the game without the daunting price tags, as all things in the game pre-F2P are now unlockable through normal play. I’ll be writing this as I go through the night, expressing opinions on the whole thing.

1:30am: Well the countdown ended, and resulted in a website crash. Now the main Evolve website produces nothing but a “Database Error”. Eep.

1:40am: Website was up for the briefest of moments, and I got to see this cool image before the site went down again.


Now there’s a tweet saying it will be live around 10am PT, which is an hour away. Time to relax.

6am: Game is finally letting me download it’s 20GB on Steam, after a few failings and a nap. Back to having a nap…

10:30am: “Nap”. Turns out I’ve ruined my sleep pattern, and I shouldn’t try to commit to blogging while being intoxicated. I have the game downloaded though, and will probably be streaming and recording it in a few hours.
Next time I do something like this it’ll be a bit more organized. For now, I’ll have more to say when I finally get to play!

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