Moving forward

It has been a long time coming, but ZombieSkittles is no more. Instead, the project will be moving forward with a new name.

Welcome to MoreZombies.

ZombieSkittles has existed for a number of years, and it has been fun. When I started though, I had no idea whether the project would still be going, or that it’d branch out into streaming. After this time the name no longer felt like a fit.

MoreZombies feels more comfortable, and a better match for something spread over multiple pieces of media. Also, it doesn’t reference any branded confectionary. That’s a positive.

Logos and this website will transition in the new year, but you can check out MoreZombies right now at the following locations:

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I say I'm going to check out that show you recommended, but instead I'm really going to rewatch Supernatural for the sixth time.