So I took advantage of the “open beta” weekend for STAR WARS Battlefront, to see what it was like. The game pointed you in the direction of where to pre-order the game instead of where to post feedback, so this is one of those situations with heavy use of air quotes when you say the word ‘beta’.

All screenshots look the same and generic, so here’s a staged wallpaper to colour up this post.

With that in mind, the game was beautiful and I could see myself playing it a bit if I owned it. A good Star Wars shooter would be an entertaining change of pace compared to the stuff I’ve been playing lately. However of course, when I go to the Origin store page for the game, I’m greeted with the horrendous price tag of $99.99 AUD.

It’s a lot and I don’t like spending more than fifty, maybe sixty dollars on a game, but being it’s a game based on a pretty massive franchise maybe it would be worth it. After all, EA have really been turning themselves around; Titanfall was awesome and Sims 4 wasn’t completely terrible.

Of course, they fucked it up for me. Now, EA have announced an additional season pass for the game. I was never against the idea of paying a lump sum for all DLC for a game, but I’ve been burned before when I’ve purchased a Season Pass only to get SOME of the DLC, and have to fork out  even more money for it.
Furthermore, I’ve joined that legion of people who try to avoid preordering games until we see if they’re actually good. What if I fork out the sixty additional dollars, only for the future content to not be that good, or not worth the money? I don’t know what the content even is yet and they’re asking for the money before the core game is even released.

Maybe this game will be great, maybe it will be a popular game played by tens of thousands of people every day for the next few years. However now I’ve written this, I don’t think I will be joining them. Given the price-tag sits at a total of $160 AUD currently, I have a feeling many others will be on my side of the fence.

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