Infinity Wars is a Digital Trading Card Game made by fellow Australian company Lightmare Studios which got it’s official Steam release this weekend. I’ve been a reasonably vocal fan of this game since they showcased it to everyone at PAXAUS last year where I first got a chance to play it. I got a beta key and got into the game almost immediately. I’ve even gone so far as to make a series of videos of my playing the game.
The game is simple to learn –much like Hearthstone is– but where Hearthstone feels very basic in it’s mechanics, Infinity Wars has more nuances and gameplay elements that make the game more complicated than merely attacking and casting damage spells. While Hearthstone plays a lot like traditional table-top card games (And as such could easily be converted to a physical card game!), Infinity Wars seeks to define itself by taking full advantage of the digital space it fills.
To me, the biggest way they achieve this is with the feature of simultaneous turns; both players plan their turns at the same time, then once the turn is over, their actions resolve at the same time. This means decisions need to take into account what the opponent is most likely to do as well. Games can be won and lost on whether or not you were able to guess the other player’s strategy and accurately counter it. There’s a certain thrill to that, and the suspense I feel as I wait to see what my opponent does really gets me pumped. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.

It’s a fantastic game and I don’t think I could ever give it justice in a blog post. It is a free game which you can (and should) download from Steam immediately.

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