imageYou would think that Infestation: Survivor Stories had for lack of a better term, finished it’s story. Starting off as The War Z, the game had nothing but negative publicity with copyright infringements, lazy development and outright lying to customers as just a few of the issues that arose.


Nearly 4 years after the release, and things looked quiet from the outside; the game is still mostly disliked, and SteamCharts reports an average concurrent user base of around 50. That last point of course saddens me, given there are much better games  that deserve these people’s attention.

Of course, this turns out to not be the end of the story, and we have a new chapter of sorts in the form of Infestation World.

So what is Infestation World? It seems to be one of three(!) spiritual successors of the aforementioned Infestation: Survivor Stories. In this case, Electronics Extreme bought the license off the original developers to bring their “vision” to the world.

Upon loading the game, I was unsurprised yet still disappointed to discover it is literally the same game. If you have seen Infestation: Survivor Stores/The War Z before, then you have seen literally all that Infestation World has to offer. There is no difference bar maybe some tweaks to zombies, weapons and loot.

download (1)The game won’t let me take screenshots, so here’s someone else’s screenshot of Infestation: Survivor Stories 1.

Much like it’s predecessor, Infestation World isn’t necessarily a bad game mechanically. There is a firm basis for a good survival simulator. The biggest issue really comes down to bugs and polish. The game looks and feels severely dated and sketchy, and the bugs really break the immersion. There should be terror when I am being chased by multiple zombies. Instead I feel glee as I strafe slowly to the right, rendering myself impervious to their attacks and bash them to death with a baseball bat.
For that is the underlying issue that still needs to be addressed. If the threat in your game isn’t scary in the least, your game isn’t interesting. It becomes a slow slog of trawling for loot and shooting at the equivalent of wet mobile bean bags.

Of course, that might not be too much of an issue if the game’s PVP is solid. If the zombies are just meant to be a backdrop then that would make sense. However, the game locks “beginners” out of PVP servers until they have played at least 6 hours of the game and killed 500 zombies. That’s a lot of time investment in a boring grind before getting to what could be the meat of the game. With those, the “Official Servers” and “Battle Mode” each being locked behind ridiculous requirements I doubt I’ll ever be able to push myself to unlocking them.

Really the only big selling point for the game is the fact that it is indeed Free To Play. This was something Infestation: Survivor Stories tried for a week or two before cancelling the idea which was a bad idea on their part. By going the free route, they jump a hurdle that many lower profile entries into the genre fail to get past and will probably enjoy the small community that travels over from I:SS.

With some critical bug fixes and some polish to the new user experience I’d be willing to recommend this game, but as it stands you’d definitely be better off looking elsewhere if you want a meaningful use of your time. If you still want to play it, you can get Infestation World here.

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1. Yes I know it’s not the same game technically, but really you can’t tell the difference!

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