I still remember looking at you, wishing I had the will to keep loving you. There was something so inviting about you this time. You promised me so many new things, and delivered on them. I was ready, my body was ready, to embrace you whole-heartedly. I wanted to love you, so why couldn’t I?

This is the eighth time I’ve let you back into my life.

I was barely able to bring myself to get two badges out of eight in the game, arguably the first “unique” Pokemon in years. It offered rapidly new visuals and mechanics to make the game fun, but it wasn’t enough. It still felt like Nintendo’s version of Call of Duty; near-yearly releases that do not deviate from the tried and true design of it’s series.


I’ve been a semi-dedicated fan of the Pokemon series of games since the beginning. I remember being given a copy of Pokemon Blue for my birthday. I spent until eleven at night 1 playing, and didn’t get any further than Viridian City. This wasn’t because I was invested in the lore or wanted to experience the game to it’s fullest –though that’s how I passed the time– it was actually because I didn’t pay attention at the start and didn’t realize I was meant to go to the Pokemart to get Oak’s package. I spent four hours in the first area of the game before I realized what I was meant to do.
This of course shows that my being terrible at games is clearly something I was born with, but still. That was my first memory of playing Pokemon. I went on to collect all 151 pokemon 2, and loved every minute of it.

I got older

The games are still great. But as you get older and go through nine iterations of what is effectively the exact same game with a new skin, you start to feel a bit of a grind. Every game, you convince yourself the next one will be different. The evil corporation has different motives! This time your rival is your best friend and it’s just friendly competition! This time there are sixty nine hundred pokemon to catch!
It doesn’t matter what they use to try to lure you, it always feels the same, and it sucks.

Why am I writing about this?

Why indeed. Well, after I found myself unable to bring myself to get past two badges in the last two generations of game (Black 2 and X), I promised myself I wouldn’t spend money on another Pokemon. It just wasn’t worth it if I didn’t plan to play the game all the way through 3.

Of course, then I found out about the midnight release of the latest games, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Next thing I know, we’re at our local store, lining up for a copy. I swore I’d only buy a copy for my sister and partner, but with all the Pokemon remixes blaring in the store and the cosplayers, I got swept up in the hype and ended up with my own copy of Omega Ruby.
I feel bad, because I worry I’m going to find myself unwilling to play the game. It looks cool, but so did the last game. The idea of being able to create my own secret base and share it online sounds great, but will it be enthralling enough?

The final question I pose to myself, is will this game finally be the Pokemon I need, or was I better off spending this money on the season pass for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?

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1. That was what a kid like me considered “all night”.
2. Yes I even got Mew, then made a business at school of cloning it using a glitch and selling them to other kids for a dollar.
3. We’ll of course ignore that I have finished less than twenty of the 350 games I own on Steam.

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