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Actually, I will be buying Elder Scrolls Online. When it’s on sale for really really cheap, of course.

I have had a change of heart because Zenimax have finally caved and proclaimed that not only will the game be coming to consoles, but as of the 17th of March, there will not be a mandatory subscription. In essence, the game is adopting the “Buy to Play” structure games like Guild Wars 2 utilize.
If you like the game, you will apparently be able to pay a completely optional subscription fee for ESO Plus, which will give you access to all future downloadable content for as long as you stay subscribed (If you are not subscribed or your subscription lapses, you will need to purchase the downloadable content separately to play it), plus “monthly benefits” and a monthly allotment of crowns to spend in the store. What those benefits are and what will be on offer in the shop is unknown to me, but as long as it doesn’t fall under the rather vague label of “pay to win” 1, then I’ll be fine.


This is a good thing for a player like me, who jumps from game to game and gets burned out quite easily when it comes to MMOs. Being able to take breaks and jump in whenever I want is important, and probably why Guild Wars 2 remains my favourite MMORPG of all time.
How they move on with development from that point on will secure the game for me as something to play, or something to uninstall and occasionally think about. As long as there’s plenty of free content added adjacent to the paid content, I will be happy.

Zenimax, do not mess this up. Also, announce Fallout 4.

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1. For clarification, “pay to win” –for me at least– means being able to pay for advantages over other players in a competitive environment. For example, being able to buy a weapon for PvP that normal players can not obtain without paying.”

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