I remember having no desire to play Guild Wars 2. My friend Peter hyped it up to hell and back, but I would have none of it. Eventually on the day before release, I dropped the money on it. I figured that if Peter enjoyed it, I could play it with him and maybe have fun by extension.


That was the first character I created for the game; a human something or other I think it’s an Engineer. I created him, got lost in another race’s zone, and gave up for a day or so. I came back, created a big Norn Warrior, and set about exploring the game at my own pace and enjoying it.
My friends all joined the game and played it solidly for a month or two, before dropping off gradually. I had fallen in love with the game though, and proceeded to be the (at the time) only one of us to hit max level on any character. It remains one of only three MMO games that I have done so on 1. Games like World of Warcraft and Rift just don’t have the same pull as Guild Wars 2 for me, but that seems to be the way of things; most WoW players don’t like GW2 either.

Fast forwarding to now, four years after all that started, and I’ve played the game through most of it 2. It’s gone through quite a lot and is a vastly different game than when it started, but the majority of changes have been for the best and it’s great.
I’ve really enjoyed the idea of the story (not so much the initial execution, though), and with another dragon potentially on the way it’s going to be fun. The way the story is tackling not just saving the world from the dragons, but also the consequences of upsetting the balance of nature by doing so.


This is really meant to be a thank you note of sorts to ArenaNet. They’ve made some questionable decisions over the past four years, and I’m still waiting for the next World vs World Tournament, but I have to say I am still enjoying it after having “played for 1,854 hours over the past 1459 days”.

Here’s to the next four years, right guys?

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1. The other two are Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn, and Marvel Heroes 20XX.
2. I had a break or two, because believe it or not I got burned out

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