I like Resident Evil 6. There, I said it.

It’s something a lot of people do not, though. It comes from a love of the series old mechanics and gameplay. It doesn’t seem to be purely nostalgia, but a genuine love of how it worked.

RE 2Beautiful, right?

There’s a general dislike for modern games in franchises like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, and how far they’ve moved on from what they were originally. Talking to a friend, a thought crossed my mind that I posed as a question to him:

If the mechanics are so beloved, why aren’t they present and popular in modern games?

We discussed why, covering a plethora of ideas as to how a whole gaming subgenre 1 could be seemingly forgotten, or if it hasn’t why no-one has attempted to fill that niche.

It occurred to me that it obviously must have. There were people remaking the original Resident Evil 2 and putting it in a modern third person perspective. There are people who speed-run or just generally stream these games and have fairly decent sized audiences while they do so. Surely there would be people with an interest in keeping the genre alive.

Well, I looked and it looks like the genre is alive, but for some reason these games just didn’t get that much attention. At least, not enough attention that I was able to notice. If they did and I’m just an idiot, feel free to inform me. Anyway, I thought I’d share the games I found that at least claim to be classic survival horror, released in the past few years.

Blacksoul: Extended Edition


The game reports to being a third person survival horror game, and reviews claim it is the “answer to the classic survival-horror fan’s prayers”. It references Resident Evil and Silent Hill in reviews, because of course it does. The screenshot above looks like it could play similar and have a decent atmosphere. Other screenshots on the store page look devoid of colour, but it still has potential. For two dollars I’m willing to give it a go, anyway.

Long Night

A Steam game that looks like they’re planning to release episodically. So far there is only one episode of three, but the next is supposed to be released in the next few months (This was claimed in July, so I guess it should be soon?).
Steam reviews are a good way to determine if Long Night is the sort of game that deserves to be on the list, and there is definitely indication from other players that this feels like “old horror adventures” “from the playstation era”. So that’s promising, and hopefully worth a look.

After those two, it’s hard to determine what is actually Fixed Camera Survival Horror without going to a lot of depth and watching videos, which would give away parts of games.
If you read this and know of any games that fulfill what I’m after, please share them!

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1. I feel these games should fall under their own “Fixed Camera Survival Horror” genre, as these games are vastly different to the likes of Amnesia and Dead Space, which also fall under the “Survival Horror” title.

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