Supercell –creators of Clash of Clans, a game I play daily– have released their next hit game, which goes by the name Clash Royale. It’s an action RTS style game with card game elements in the Clash of Clans universe, which sounds amazing.


Matches you play in the game run for just a few minutes, meaning this is the sort of game you can play while on a toilet break, or can focus and knock out a whole lot of games at once. Screenshots can’t do it justice, so here’s the trailer, which includes shots of gameplay.

This game is amazing, and I love it so much more than Clash of Clans. Where the game falls short though; they don’t seem to want me to play those long sessions or anything.
You see, your rewards for winning matches are chests which contain gold, gems, and more cards. There are different tiers of chest and each one has a different wait time before it opens, ranging from 3 hours to 24 hours.


This is the main screen when you aren’t in a match. You can see that there is a Free Chest system, this is a chest that can be opened every 4 hours. After that, there’s the Crown Chest, which can be opened when you win 10 Crowns (Earned by destroying buildings in matches). When you earn those 10 Crowns and open the chest, you have a 24 hour cool down before you can open it again.

At the bottom of the screen is your chest inventory. This is where shit gets really annoying. You can only hold up to 4 chests at a time, and can only unlock one at a time. So assuming you have no chests, you can play and win 4 matches before you are forced to sit and wait for 3 hours minimum, to open a chest and free up a slot.

So if I want to play and receive rewards for playing, I can play up to 4 matches in 3 hours, then I can play one every 3 hours maybe. If I’ve already opened my Crown Chest, there’s no reason for me to play when my Chest Slots are full, as I’m not earning ANYTHING, except trophies which at this point in my play doesn’t matter.

Of course, this is Supercell’s plan. They want you to buy gems to speed everything up, but I’m not a player with infinite money. This system feels really anti-player, purely because of how long the timers are. If they were a third of what they are currently, I might be a bit more okay with it. Hell, they’d just have to give us a bit more than the paltry 4 Chest Slots we have currently and I’d be okay with waiting.

Supercell have created a great game, but the over the top time gating is stopping this being something truly special. I don’t see myself spending money on it, and instead I’m going to grind out a shit ton of gems and then buy the gold I need with that.

Please let me love you, Clash Royale. Please.

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